Dr Egg Storybooks

A serialized Scientific world for 21st Century kids.

In a magical world of scientific discoveries where even the impossible seems real, three kids with special genetic powers must help ingenious Dr. Egg save the Empire from the devious and greedy Professor Magnus Mole.

The Dr Egg Adventures is a serialised storyworld with enthralling episodes, games and interactive audio books. Think Avatar – the last Airbender, meets Treasure Island. Set in a pre-apocalyptic future, it features three young heroes with special genetic powers. Alongside the ingenious science inventor Dr Egg, they battle to save the people, animals and hybrid creatures in their worlds who are threatened by Professor Magnus Mole and his ignoble empire Seed Corporation. With his terrifying Hybrid Helpers beside him, Professor Mole seeks control of the seeds, water, energy, animals and the children themselves!

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The Stolen Square Tomato

VIVI is a curious inventor and a real risk-taker. She’s passionate about finding practical solutions to Slum-Lane people’s problems, and desperately hopes to grow her father a new ear!

ardash and the mysterious disease Cover Photo

Ardash and The mysterious disease

ADASH, a boy with no belly button, was created in a laboratory. He hails from the Techno-Towers and has been genetically modified so he can’t catch any diseases. He is literally perfect, super plugged in and a clever young guy, who knows heaps about data and technology.

Dr Egg Adventures: Seedstorm Chronicles

The Seedstorm Chronicles

CORNELIA from the Corn-Farmlands, was conceived after her mother and father ate some of Dr Mole’s genetically modified corn, and possess special powers like talking to animals; no wonder Dr Mole is keen to steal her secret!