Dr Egg Digital has… Moved?

Exterior of the new Macquarie University Incubator

As much as Dr Egg Team has loved our space on campus in the pop-up incubator, we are thrilled and excited to have been invited by Macquarie University to be an inaugural team at the new, permanent Macquarie University Business Incubator.

“We are so excited! The space is all stone and wood and natural, almost like Hobbiton!” – Dr. Catherine Fargher remarks after a sneak peek at the new space.

The Macquarie University website describes the building as state of the art; with features including meeting rooms, conference spaces, co-working and hot desks, and even weekly social events.

The Dr Egg Team are working amongst other business start-ups including charity start-ups, developers, entrepreneurs, learning revolutionists and general innovators.

The team at Dr Egg Digital are excited to make this new space home, although even a place so perfect for idea incubation will hardly contain the team’s excitement at key project developments upcoming over the next few months.

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