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Interactive Laboratory

Dr Egg Adventures invites users to explore genetic engineering, science themes and ethics through the eyes of three special characters.


Apprentice scientists, inventors and creators can pull on their lab coats to create science games, puzzles and character scripts and fan fiction!


A series of fantastical scientific adventure stories forms the basis of a range of innovative trans-media products

Teacher Kits

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Across the different platforms within The Dr Egg Adventures Transmedia Storyworld, users will be able to:

  • Discover a universe of adventure based stories and puzzle-based quests.
  • Meet a series of unforgettable characters, the good, the bad and the ugly!
  • Explore a range of environments in the SEEDCORP empire, including worlds facing danger and starvation.
  • Read or Listen to full adventure stories about the characters in these threatened worlds.
  • Investigate special extra features such as characters backstories and special tools and gadgets.
  • Collect objects, prizes and Bio-goo throughout the adventure stories, to use in the interactive laboratories games and creation!
  • Experiment in an exciting interactive laboratory.
  • Conduct fantastic experiments in interactive conditions.
  • Solve puzzles as they learn about real genetics, science and ethics issues!
  • Participate in educational learning, via games and experiments that
    relate to real chemistry and biology themes, the like exploring how metal
    rusts and seeds grow.
  • Learn through these games and additional online information, based on the year 3-8 Science, Maths, History and English curriculum.

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