Children experimenting at Dr Egg workshop

Adventure Lab workshops are also available for your school or institution!

The Dr Egg Adventures series and story world are linked to the Years 3-8 Australian National Science Curriculum. 

Apprentice scientists, inventors and creators can pull on their lab coats to create science games, puzzles and character scripts and fan fiction!

Game developers and scientists assist students to develop scientific ‘puzzles’ in areas of cell Biology, Physiology, and Science Inquiry (Tools and machines), which reflect the curriculum. 

Game scripts and fan fiction are developed for the scientist and kid characters.


Children and science at Dr Egg workshop


Digital Writing

$600 3 hours - Up to 40 Students

Science Puzzles and Gaming

$1200 Up to 24 Students - Supervised by 1 scientist and 1 game designer
  • Chemistry, Biology and Science Inquiry

Introduction to Narrative Games

$600 3 hours - Up to 40 Students


Feel free to discuss your specific workshop needs with us.