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We help primary school teachers and parents better engage students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and literacy learning through interactive EduTech resources and storytelling.
What our research tells us
Teachers need syllabus-linked resources that help them to learn and teach STEM concepts
Students love to engage with STEM activities that help them learn
Parents want to provide STEM learning support for kids learning at home
How are we different?
Our resources are aligned to syllabus outcomes
Our resources have been co-designed with Macquarie University's School of Education and tested by teachers
Our resources develop students’ 21st Century learning skills, including creative and critical thinking and are designed to encourage internal motivation
Our online portal encourages students in Grades 3-6 to engage in STEM and literacy curriculum through the use of problem-based, blended learning (offline and online) activities.
Our engaging interactive storyworld and characters uses literacy pathways to explore STEM concepts
Dr Egg Adventures Characters
Photo of STEM Education Coordinator and Senior Lecturer, Dr. Anne Forbes, from Macquarie University School of Education.
Dr. Anne Forbes
Macquarie School of Education
Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Strategic STEM Projects

The Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory resources provide STEM delivery support to primary school educators through research-informed and targeted EduTech products. Primary school students use animation clues and online bespoke learning tools to work collaboratively and solve posed problems. Results indicate that all participants benefit through this approach as they develop their STEM-related knowledge, skills and values.

Photo of Stephanie Lamont-Friedrich
Dr. Stephanie Lamont-Friedrich
Advocate for Women in STEMM

Dr Egg Adventures is an exceptionally important and clever tool for engaging children in the wonderful world of STEM, whilst ensuring the program is tailored to meet school syllabus-outcomes! Dr Egg Adventures is a powerful STEM resource for teachers, parents and children.

Dianne Todaro-Wells
Dianne Todaro-Wells

Dr Egg is a brilliant storyworld with a science theme. It’s a no brainer activity for them to make self-regulated, self-corrected learning.

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