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This module focuses on developing teachers’ and students’ skills and understandings around how to plan and conduct fair test investigations. Once developed, these understandings can be applied to many contexts. While there is a focus on how to determine optimal growing conditions for plants as food this can be extended to growing food related to survival in space (Earth and Space), focussing on material properties (Material World) and including Design and Production skills to develop a watering system.

In addition to the science and technology syllabus links, there are also opportunities to include Mathematics and English. Look at the Unit Guides to see which aspects you may choose to include.

The module provides a framework through which you can add or remove activities. We have mapped syllabus outcomes for both Stage 2 and 3 to the module activities.

The program has been designed to take approximately 8-10 sessions each lasting from 90 minutes (one term), or 16-20 sessions of 45 minutes (two terms). You may choose to do all or only some of the sessions, over one or two terms.

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Dr Egg modules are designed in a way that guides students in how to use the knowledge and skills of the STEM disciplines to solve posed problems. As students engage with the issue, they will use and therefore learn about STEM.

Dr Egg Adventures is based on an interactive storyworld, featuring kid hero and scientist characters who are engaging and identifiable for Stage 2-3 primary students. The storyworld characters invite students to help them solve problems through scaffolded activities based on concepts from the Key learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Technology. There are many opportunities for students to engage with creative writing and other text types.

Students requiring additional time can work through the Student Booklet at their own pace. Interactive Dr Egg resources (books and puzzles) can be used as alternative activities when required for students who need extension or variety. Video sub-titles (on the animations) provide visual support for EALD students.

EXAMPLE: A diagnosed as being on the spectrum (ASD). He can’t concentrate in loud spaces, doesn’t like group work, and has meltdowns when overwhelmed by workload. I will support A by letting him work in the ‘cave’ space by himself, with his headphones on and iPad. He can work independently at his own space through the learning. If he is overwhelmed, the Dr Egg’s Interactive Book and Puzzle game may help to calm him down and focus until he is ready to learn again.

EXAMPLE: B is not diagnosed, but is very low in science and reading. She is EAL/D and will need teacher assistance to help comprehend the task. He and my other lower learners, will work in a small group together and engage in student-led discussions of the task/make decisions. I will play the videos with subtitles to help the students understand.

What about learners who need extension beyond this task? How will I extend them?

EXAMPLE: C is in stage 2 (year 4) but in Science he often exceeds the current outcomes and needs to be extended by stage 3 work. When bored, C distracts the other students and demands attention from the teacher. If he finishes the tasks early, he will be able to extend himself using the online Dr Egg’s Adventure resources to create his own experiments, or research on other related scientists using the scaffolded links.

To this point we have been researching the efficacy of the product. If it appears that NESA approval would be beneficial then we will apply for PD accreditation based on the resource’s strength in the area of ‘delivery and assessment of NSW Curriculum/Early Years Learning Framework’.

Curious to see what’s happening in Dr Egg’s Laboratory?
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