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About Us

Dr Egg Adventures hatched as a creative brand in 2012 after ongoing success of the theatrical production Dr Egg and the Man with No Ear in Australia, US and Canada.

With the support of the Macquarie University School of Education and the Academy for Continuing Development in Professional Education (ACDPE), Dr Egg Adventures delivers interactive EduTech products to better engage students in STEM.

Our vision is to encourage more students, especially girls, to choose advanced STEM subjects in final years of high school via providing integrated paths to literacy.

An interactive, online science laboratory…
Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory is an online portal that supports student engagement in STEM and literacy through the use of problem-based, offline and online activities.
Students in Grades 3 to 6 can explore an interactive, online science laboratory, watch animations and complete learning modules.
Incorporating 21st Century Learning Skills, The Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory is also designed to encourage student autonomy and creative skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.
Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory also aligns with the 2019 New South Wales (NSW) Science and Technology Curriculum.
What will hatch
Macquarie University’s MyScience program has identified the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory as having significant potential as a powerful STEM teaching resource.
Macquarie University and MyScience logos
Our future initiatives include:

MyScience at Macquarie University


Development of ACDPE Professional Learning resources for in-service teachers


Implementation of Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory within NSW Public, Private and Independent Primary Schools via pre-service teacher testing


Expansion of the Dr Egg Adventures storyworld and Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory into Asia/Pacific education markets

Curious to see what’s happening in Dr Egg’s Laboratory?
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