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Serialised eBooks Bundle


Get ready to go on a serialised, scientific adventure! The Dr Egg Adventures Serialised eBooks bundle is a perfect way to integrate Literacy and STEM learning for readers aged between 7 -11.

Set in a pre-apocalyptic future, three kids with special genetic powers must help ingenious science inventor Dr Egg, as they battle to save the people, animals and hybrid creatures in their worlds who are threatened by greedy Professor Magnus Mole and his SEED CORPORATION empire.

Each book starts with its own special character from one of the worlds, the Corn-farmlands, The Slum-lands and Techno-towers.

This bundle includes Book 1: Case of The Stolen Tomato, Book 2: Ardash and the Mysterious Disease and Book 3: The Seedstorm Chronicles.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Ardash, a boy with no belly button, was created in a laboratory. He hails from the Techno-Towers and has been genetically modified so he can’t catch any diseases. He is literally perfect, super plugged in and a clever young guy, who knows heaps about data and technology.

Cornelia from the Corn-Farmlands, was conceived after her mother and father ate some of Dr Mole’s genetically modified corn, and possesses special powers like talking to animals; no wonder Dr Mole is keen to steal her secret!

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