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Student Handbook: The Case of The Starving Slum Lane Students and the Empty School Canteen (Episode 1)


This scaffolded Student Handbook accompanies the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory ‘Science Inquiry and Living World’ ACARA and State Curriculum aligned modules.

This module focuses on developing teachers’ and students’ skills and understandings around how to plan and conduct fair test investigations.

Once developed, these understandings can be applied to many contexts. While there is a focus on how to determine optimal growing conditions for plants as food this can be extended to growing food related to survival in space (Earth and Space), focussing on material properties (Material World) and including Design and Production skills to develop a watering system.

The storyworld characters invite students to help them solve problems through scaffolded activities based on concepts from the Key learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Technology.

The handbook works in conjunction with the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory to provide a framework through which you can add or remove activities.

The handbook can be digitally downloaded and used in your classroom instantly.

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