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What will hatch next?:
announcing NSW Government’s MVP GRANT

Greetings egg-sters!

It is with great egg-citement we announce that we have secured the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grant from the New South Wales (NSW) Government.

We are now one step closer at reaching our goal of getting more girls to choose advanced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects in their final years of high school.

We aim to achieve this by supporting teachers to teach STEM through an interactive and engaging resource called the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory.

So far, the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory has received egg-cellent feedback from student teachers at the Macquarie University School of Education with one teacher reporting that:

My ability to facilitate student problem solving and also questioning as well as knowledge of the scientific method has improved… At the end of my prac, one of my students actually said who is going to teach us science when you leave.

The MVP Grant provides us with the opportunity to continue supporting our employees and running these customer validation tests for the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory.

What is the MVP Grant?

“Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grants are designed for pre-revenue technology start-ups to help them engage with a potential business customer, or channel to market, to achieve market validation and first sale.” – NSW Government (2021)

What have we been doing?

Since July 2020, our team have been working in partnership with Dr. Anne Forbes and John De Nobile from Macquarie University School of Education to test our resources in classrooms.

The Dr Egg Adventure Laboratory aims to address two fundamental problems faced by 21st-century primary teachers:

Problem 1
Most primary school teachers now require specialised training in STEM subjects and methods such as scientific investigation, but many of them haven’t completed any university-level science training.
Problem 2
Since 1998, there has been a 0% increase in girls undertaking STEM subjects in HSC.

The world of the Dr Egg Adventures has come a long way from the theatrical play Dr Egg and The Man With No Ear; it is now an entire transmedia educational resource of storytelling and STEM learning.

We have been further improving our website, interviewing incredible women STEM leaders, creating exciting new resources for our social media campaigns, and producing unit plans and rubrics for teachers to use in the classroom.

Egg-sellent work everyone!

What will this MVP Grant allow us to do?

The first phase of developing the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory involved identifying what problems teachers were currently facing in delivering STEM. The MVP Grant provides us with the opportunity to now test how the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory supports school students’ engagement with STEM.

These tests will also help us to determine whether it helps current and future educators achieve better outcomes and participation in STEM subjects. 

From here, we discover new information about our targeted demographics. It is not yet about what they like or do not like, but rather, what is effective to learning. Though, we have had a vast majority of students say they love our product!

The MVP Grant, which lasts for six months, will allow our team at Dr Egg’s Adventures to:

  • Comprehensive testing of our product at five schools starting in term 1, 2021. Macquarie University prac teachers have previously tested the product on their classes and experienced positive results!
  • Website development of the kid’s page and student portal. A lot of this requires animation and interactive elements which the students can connect to.
  • Developing a build out of stage 2 and 3 curriculum to match our resources, such as unit plans, rubrics, and detailed lesson plans designed by teachers for teachers.
  • Evaluation of the web design, by multiple designers, to smooth out the cracks and early technical issues so it’s ready for student testing in 2021. 
What benefits does the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory provide?

Working with primary school teachers, parents and students, our vision is for the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory to encourage girls to choose advanced STEM subjects later in High School.

We believe the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory makes this possible through the use of engaging and interactive learning.

The Macquarie University School of Education has identified the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory as having significant potential as a STEM teaching resource.

Thank you to the New South Wales (NSW) Government for the MVP Grant which will allow us to continue this egg-citing work!

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