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Travel through science tinted glasses with Dr egg adventures

Last November, the Dr Egg Adventures team had the egg-citing opportunity to participate in Science Alive! 2020, an annual egg-travaganza for primary and high school science enthusiasts held at the Adelaide Showground.

Regarded as the largest, interactive, mobile science exhibition week in Australia, Science Alive! helps build our community’s awareness of the importance of science and technology in our everyday lives. 

The festival also provides the opportunity to honour and celebrate South Australia’s successes in agriculture, defence, space research, technology and education by bringing together private and governmental STEM organisations, businesses, top universities to inspire future generations of science and technology professionals.

There’s no better event to experience all fields of science and technology – Science Alive! really is all kinds of awesome.

From art to astrophysics, chemistry to climate change, and forensics to future food, activities were conducted in a child-friendly safe environment to fuel young, curious minds. 

Science Alive! 2020 offered plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty (and slimy!) through activities including checking South Australia’s (SA) health water contamination samples, robotics, astronomy, bugs and slugs and everyone’s favourite, slime making.

There was even a lucky draw competition too to support a local crochet worker’s art piece!

The Dr Egg Adventures and the Australian Society for Microbiologists (ASM) engaged an egg-cited group of teachers, parents, teenagers and kids with amazing science experiments, activities, trivias, quests and missions.

Sporting a lab coat, with pockets full of ‘mystery fibres’, Dr. Moon (or was it really our founder Dr. Catherine?!) asked children to assist in identifying what kind of animal fibre she had found…. 

Kids of all ages were guessing! Some younger kids were sure the yellow wool was lion’s fur, while some local Adelaide farmers were convinced it was alpaca or mohair (wool from goats! P.S. The farmer was right!). 

Whatever their answers, kids went away with new ideas about scientific investigation and an excitement to explore the world of the Dr Egg Adventures even more!

We also can’t forget all of you who bravely faced your fears to explore the deep, blue sea microorganisms that were lurking in glowy water in the giant black lightbox to explore physics, and biology all at once-Bioluminescence.

What a spectacular display of bioluminescence put together by the Australian Society of Microbiologists!

Audiences, including teachers and kids, even got to take away their own genetically engineered, hand crafted, microorganisms in different shapes and sizes. 

This year, understanding the roots/origins of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sparked curiosity in scientists, teachers and students towards microorganisms and viruses.

The scientists from the Australian Society of Microbiologists also talked about the idea behind the theme:

We had an egg-traordinary time meeting so many science egg-splorers and getting to showcase our latest STEM resource The Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory.

Can you spot yourself with your magnifying glasses, telescopes and microscopes in the photos below?

Our team would like to thank Dr. Stephanie Lamont-Freiderich and the Australian Society of Microbiologists for inviting us to be a part of Science Alive! 2020.

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